A breakthrough in male contraception. Now they will be in control of the situation Nowadays, condoms are the only form of contraception for men, women are responsible for any other form of contraception, and although scientists have been trying to change this for years, so far with little success. It will change now.

How is it possible that the contraceptive pill for women has been with us since 1960, because then the famous Enovid appeared in American pharmacies, and the creation of its counterpart for men has still not been successful? There are many different factors for this, but it may change soon, because the latest information from researchers at the University of Edinburgh and the hospitals managed by Manchester University NHS WEB TOOLS Trust looks really optimistic and suggests that this time it may be successful. Although it is rather a pill equivalent, because scientists first of all focus on ... a gel based on male testosterone and female segesterone acetate, rubbed on the shoulders and shoulders.

And although this route of administration seems a bit strange, in fact it allows for better results than swallowing a tablet: - The Edinburgh gel study looks interesting because it uses a very human-friendly method of application, i.e. rubbing the contraceptive into the skin - explains Professor Allan Pacey from the University in Sheffield. Of course, this does not mean that the manufacturer will limit himself, because he ultimately thinks about 3 routes of administration, i.e. gel, tablets and injections: - People like the idea of ​​a daily pill because it is easy. But only 1 to 3 percent of the substance is absorbed when taking the pill. In contrast, the gel is absorbed by about 10 percent. The injection is almost 100% effective, adds Christina Wang of the Lundquist Institute for Biomedical Innovation, which tests this form of contraception in the United States.

The gel form of this contraceptive is currently being tested, so participants rub the substance into their arms and shoulders every day, from where it is evenly released into the bloodstream for 24 hours. Some of the surveyed men have been using this form of contraception for a year, thus confirming its effectiveness: - We now have five couples who have completed one year of using the contraceptive gel without any adverse incidents. The process is going well, although it will take a good three years to be completed, explains professor Richard Anderson, adding that they would ultimately want to give the gel to 450 more volunteers. Anyway, there are many indications that the preparation is effective, well tolerated, safe and convenient to use, so its market launch is only a matter of time.