Artificial intelligence discovered new craters on the moon and counted all existing ones Machine learning technologies are the future of the development of our civilization. Thanks to them, we will be able to make breakthroughs in literally all areas of life, including the world of science and astronomy.

Scientists recently developed an advanced artificial intelligence algorithm to detect new ones and count all craters on the surface of the Silver Globe. It was not an easy task, as the engineers first had to train the system to find and identify craters. It turns out, however, that the results exceeded the expectations of scientists.

The system has learned to search for craters, recognize them and identify them so well on the basis of the collected data, that not only were it discovered so far completely unknown craters, but also managed to determine their exact size and even age. Thanks to artificial intelligence, we now know that there are 109,956 craters on the natural satellite of our planet. It is 200 times more than we thought so far.

Remarkably, the machine learning system does not only specialize in discovering small craters, because most of them we knew nothing about, but also discovered real giants with a diameter of 300 to 550 kilometers. These are objects larger than those on Earth. Of course, we are talking about the remains of them here, since most of them have been eroded, but thanks to research we know that the Moon was once covered by much larger craters.

Scientists boast that their algorithm also determined the age of nearly 20,000 craters. All of them were created in virtually all epochs of the formation of the Silver Globe, and the oldest are as much as 4 billion years old, which is slightly less than our planet. Astronomers now want to use their algorithm to count craters on Mars.

Accurate images of this mysterious planet will be needed here, but this will not be a problem, as NASA has orbiters in Mars orbit, which take high-resolution images of the surface. Scientists hope that by analyzing the craters, it will be possible to unravel several mysteries about the turbulent past of the Red Planet.