Bill Gates vaccinated already. The billionaire showed a photo of his CoVID-19 vaccination The head of the world's largest charitable foundation and the largest owner of farmland in the US has just had his first vaccination and strongly encourages everyone to take a similar step for the good of mankind.

Gates was vaccinated in one of the hospitals in his hometown of Seattle, Washington. The billionaire vaccine popularizer found himself in one of the first groups of people to be vaccinated. The billionaire turned 65 in October last year, and it is people from this age up who have the right to priority vaccination in the USA.

Microsoft's co-founder and a man whose foundation spent millions of dollars to develop mRNA vaccines and build factories was vaccinated with a drug from Pfizer. He received the first dose two days ago and the second dose three weeks later. The third richest person in the world after vaccination is fine and has had no side effects.

Gates thanked everyone involved in organizing vaccines and who are on the front lines of the fight against the coronavirus. At the same time, he strongly appealed to everyone to vaccinate against CoVID-19, because this is the only hope for a quick overcoming bluetech digital the pandemic and a return to the lifestyle before it broke out.

Last Wednesday, the day Joe Biden was inaugurated as US President, Gates said he was looking forward to working with President and Vice President Kamala Harris on issues such as tackling climate change and COVID-19. Gates hopes to vaccinate at least 6 billion people in the next 2 years.