Elon Musk encourages people to abandon Facebook and take an interest in Signal The richest man in the world knows Facebook is a powerful manipulation and surveillance machine. That's why a few years ago he closed the accounts of his companies there: Tesla and SpaceX. Now she encourages others to do so.

Every day Elon Musk is observed on social networking sites by nearly 50 million people. He is one of the most popular people in the technology industry in the world. After Donald Trump's Facebook, Instagram and Twitter profiles were blocked, and rival sites were removed by Google and Amazon, Musk tweeted a short message saying "Use Signal".

The head of Tesla, SpaceX and several other companies made it clear to his fans and observers that it is time for them to become interested in Facebook's competition and other messengers than Messenger or WhatsApp. Of course, the world does not end with Signal, which is considered to be the safest, because every message sent is encrypted there and stored on the sender's and recipient's devices, not the website owner. Interestingly, even if someone steals our smartphone, they will not have access to our messages.

However, it did not take long to see the results. Currently, Signal is breaking popularity records. Every day, 100 times more users install it than before the scandal with Donald Trump and Big Tech censorship. Social media experts believe Facebook could lose tens of millions of users. Some even say that its global boycott will soon take place. It will lead to the closure of the website or limitation of its scope. A website that creates a fictional vision of reality, manipulates and is the source of thousands of suicides a year among users.

There are many websites and messengers that are as good as Secret Sites We have Gab, Parler, Lurker and many more. In fact, their capabilities will increase with new users, because it is thanks to them that information exchange is possible. The more Facebook users leave the site to join the competition, the sooner its creator and his team will understand that they should start paying attention to what they are doing.