Microsoft is also going to autonomous cars. The company announces cooperation with Cruise When such market giants as Microsoft or Apple invest in a novelty, it certainly cannot be considered a temporary fashion, and this is what happens in the case of self-driving cars.

We have just learned that the autonomous electric car from Apple is not a fiction, but a real project in which the automotive concern Hyundai is involved. So it seems that although the US company was initially not interested in it and refused to even buy Tesla a few years ago, it changed its mind. Now, another technology giant joins the competition in this segment, namely Microsoft, which has just announced a partnership with Cruise, the General Motors autonomous car division, to support its development with its experience and capabilities of Azure cloud computing technology.

This one, like all computing clouds, gives the option of collecting and processing data without the need to use software installed on your own equipment, so it seems even designed for autonomous cars and will certainly play a very important role in them. Because if we have a large fleet of autonomous cars moving on the streets, the ability to communicate with each other and share data on location, traffic and other elements, such as the weather, is invaluable in terms of safety and efficiency.

The partnership of the companies has been defined as long-term and we will see its effects on the market before the end of the decade, because this is the date when Cruise plans to commercialize its vehicles. hyperlinks this move, Microsoft has also secured Azure's position in the segment of autonomous cars, so other manufacturers may also apply for it in the future. By the way, Microsoft, as well as General Motors and Honda, have jointly invested $ 2 billion in Cruise, which shows well how seriously they are taking this project. General Motors' boss and CEO Mary Barra summarizes the contract: - Microsoft is a great addition to the team as we are going to a world with no accidents, no emissions, no fuel consumption, no traffic jams. Microsoft will help accelerate the commercialization of the Cruise all-electric autonomous car and help GB reap the benefits of cloud computing as we want to launch 30 new electric cars worldwide by 2025 and create new businesses and services to drive growth.