Netflix Superhero Event: New Series Can Reach Marvel

Over 2 years ago, Netflix grabbed one of the most valuable, not yet filmed superhero templates: Jupiter's Legacy. Now the first teaser is here.

With a large orchestra, even bigger words and the German speaker for Deadpool (!, Who else?), The streaming service introduces the series to pop culture. Marvel's WandaVision mixes up the series world, Netflix follows suit.

The facts about Jupiter's Legacy on Netflix

First teaser for Jupiter's Legacy: Superhero series with enormous potential on Netflix

What can we expect A Marvel attack for sure, the Amazon series The Boys also serves as a reference. Later more about the potential and the background, here first the teaser.

You see the German version with the voice of Ryan Reynolds, which takes it all a little bit serious.

Marvel Competition: This is Jupiter's Legacy

Jupiter's Legacy is about the Sampson family of superheroes who first came to their superpowers in 1930. The children must now inherit.

The predicate "Marvel competitor" is in the nature of things. Jupiter's zxc is after all a superhero series based on a comic book. But the comparison goes deeper. There isn't anyone behind the comics. The creator is called Mark Millar, the mastermind of Kick-Ass and Kingsman.

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And it gets even better: Steven S. DeKnight, Daredevil's showrunner, leads the serial production for Netflix. So here a great template meets a creator who understands his craft.

The timing of the release also brings with it a taste: Black Widow is also slated to open in cinemas on May 6th. Either Netflix is ​​gambling or it knows for sure that it is sitting here on the next big thing.

More info: This is the cast of the Netflix superhero series Jupiter's Legacy