Stream The Blacklist Season 8 on Amazon: Is the season pass worth it?

The Blacklist Season 8 is not expected to come to Netflix until the summer. Amazon, on the other hand, is delighting fans in Germany and has been offering a season pass for the new episodes since the US launch on November 13, 2020.

All fans who like to watch The Blacklist in English and have some money to spare can buy the entire season and stream the first episode now.

You can get all of this for the Season 8 Pass from The Blacklist on Amazon

Amazon is asking for the usual amount of 34.99 euros for the season pass in HD for the 8th season of the NBC series. That includes the entire The Blacklist season from episode 1 to episode 22, so a total of almost 16 hours. The season pass on Amazon is worthwhile if you don't need subtitles for English and can no longer wait for the new episodes.

The relay pass includes:

If you can't decide yet whether season 8 is worth the money, you can buy the episodes individually. You pay 2.91 euros per episode in HD. With the purchase of individual episodes, the season pass becomes cheaper at the respective price. However, you save 29.03 euros with the relay pass.

The Blacklist on Google Play, iTunes

The only cheaper alternative to Amazon is Google Play. There the 8th season of The Blacklist costs only 28.99 euros and a single episode costs 2.49 euros. On iTunes the price for the season ticket is 34.99 euros the same as on Amazon and in the Microsoft Store you pay 35.49 euros.

The advantage with iTunes, the Microsoft Store and Google Play is that there are English subtitles. However, a Moviepilot member informed us that they are not displaying any subtitles on Google Play. Unfortunately, none of the providers offer German subtitles.

In the trailer for The Blacklist Season 8 you can see what to expect

The Blacklist Season 8 will probably be available in German on Netflix in the summer of 2021

So far there is no official start date for the synchronized 8th season on Netflix. If the current rhythm is maintained, however, it will appear in German on Netflix a few weeks after the final in summer 2021.

Season 8 started in the US on November 13th. In the season opener episodes we finally learn what should be told in the season 7 finale. How will the precarious situation between Reddington, Liz and Katarina Rostova dissolve?

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