The British army is investing in unmanned and autonomous combat aircraft According to Reuters, the British army is continuing its plans for unmanned combat aircraft and on Monday signed a £ 30m contract for the production of drones, which will be tested over 3 years.

The British government says in a special statement that the drones are being built as a "loyal wing" for Typhoons and F-35s, flying alongside military fighters and helping to shoot down enemy units (the drones will be equipped with missiles, spy systems and electronic warfare systems).

This largest British military expenditure since the Cold War was announced last November and is to end the so-called an era of retreat - an additional £ 1.5bn invested in military research and technology development will also help fund these drones.

The contract was signed with Spirit AeroSystems, an American group that acquired the Northern Irish business Bombardier last year, specializing in the production and construction of airplanes, locomotives, railway carriages, trams and metro cars, and its first effects are to be known by the end of 2023, because drones are to be ready for test flights by then.

If the program, dubbed Team MOSQUITO, is successful and proves its worth, there is a chance that unmanned combat aircraft will accompany British fighters before the end of this Cyber Bit Importantly, thanks to this contract, over 100 people will find employment in Belfast, which is extremely important in the face of the coronavirus pandemic.