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This technology-packed wristband flawlessly detects user gestures

Image recognition systems not only require that the user's hands are clearly visible to them at all times, but also raise some privacy controversies, especially if the user's face appears in the video material. Electronic gloves are most often uncomfortable, easy to damage and simply impractical in many situations. In short, scientists thinking about the further development of such areas as gesture control of electronic devices, virtual reality or prosthetic hands must make much more effort.

The Americans will build a solar farm in orbit and send energy to Earth

The idea of \u200b\u200bthe Pentagon is to use the enormous potential that lies in space in terms of obtaining energy from the Sun and using it to power space installations and those located on Earth. The idea is not new, but now we can finally make it happen. The experiments will take place in 2 years.

Be sure to see this beautiful panorama of the Martian mountains made by the Curiosity rover

The latest panorama was taken at a site named by scientists Glen Torridon. Currently, the Curiosity rover has started the most difficult climb of Mount Sharp in its career. Every now and then, the robot drills into the ground. In this way, scientists want to check if there are any signs that there were any forms of life here.

The hybrid electric plane from MIT intercepts its own pollutants

The transition to alternative propulsion technologies can take years, especially in the case of aviation, so researchers at MIT have developed a technology that may be a good temporary solution. The engineers responsible for developing this system believe they can reduce harmful NOx emissions by as much as 95% by capturing and trapping it in a special element in the cargo hold while avoiding 92% of premature deaths caused by them. Because it should be remembered that it is a huge source of air pollution, which is associated with many diseases, such as asthma, respiratory and cardiovascular diseases. Previous studies have shown that 16,000 people die prematurely as a result of their emissions by international aviation around the world.

The British army is investing in unmanned and autonomous combat aircraft

The British government says in a special statement that the drones are being built as a "loyal wing" for Typhoons and F-35s, flying alongside military fighters and helping to shoot down enemy units (the drones will be equipped with missiles, spy systems and electronic warfare systems).

Top cyclists caught doping ... this time in a virtual championship

The coronavirus pandemic has moved many aspects of our lives to the virtual world, including physical activity. Of course, we are not talking about cases of playing NBA or FIFA on the console and computer, but the actual professional competition, e.g. in cycling, which is possible thanks to special software and interactive trainers. It turns out, however, that even this form of competition is not free from cheating ... only the form has changed - athletes may not doping, but they can manipulate the equipment, making it easier for themselves to win.