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Artificial intelligence discovered new craters on the moon and counted all existing ones

Scientists recently developed an advanced artificial intelligence algorithm to detect new ones and count all craters on the surface of the Silver Globe. It was not an easy task, as the engineers first had to train the system to find and identify craters. It turns out, however, that the results exceeded the expectations of scientists.

Elon Musk encourages people to abandon Facebook and take an interest in Signal

Every day Elon Musk is observed on social networking sites by nearly 50 million people. He is one of the most popular people in the technology industry in the world. After Donald Trump's Facebook, Instagram and Twitter profiles were blocked, and rival sites were removed by Google and Amazon, Musk tweeted a short message saying "Use Signal".

A breakthrough in male contraception. Now they will be in control of the situation

How is it possible that the contraceptive pill for women has been with us since 1960, because then the famous Enovid appeared in American pharmacies, and the creation of its counterpart for men has still not been successful? There are many different factors for this, but it may change soon, because the latest information from researchers at the University of Edinburgh and the hospitals managed by Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust looks really optimistic and suggests that this time it may be successful. Although it is rather a pill equivalent, because scientists first of all focus on ... a gel based on male testosterone and female segesterone acetate, rubbed on the shoulders and shoulders.

Be sure to see this beautiful panorama of the Martian mountains made by the Curiosity rover

The latest panorama was taken at a site named by scientists Glen Torridon. Currently, the Curiosity rover has started the most difficult climb of Mount Sharp in its career. Every now and then, the robot drills into the ground. In this way, scientists want to check if there are any signs that there were any forms of life here.

The hybrid electric plane from MIT intercepts its own pollutants

The transition to alternative propulsion technologies can take years, especially in the case of aviation, so researchers at MIT have developed a technology that may be a good temporary solution. The engineers responsible for developing this system believe they can reduce harmful NOx emissions by as much as 95% by capturing and trapping it in a special element in the cargo hold while avoiding 92% of premature deaths caused by them. Because it should be remembered that it is a huge source of air pollution, which is associated with many diseases, such as asthma, respiratory and cardiovascular diseases. Previous studies have shown that 16,000 people die prematurely as a result of their emissions by international aviation around the world.

Microsoft is also going to autonomous cars. The company announces cooperation with Cruise

We have just learned that the autonomous electric car from Apple is not a fiction, but a real project in which the automotive concern Hyundai is involved. So it seems that although the US company was initially not interested in it and refused to even buy Tesla a few years ago, it changed its mind. Now, another technology giant joins the competition in this segment, namely Microsoft, which has just announced a partnership with Cruise, the General Motors autonomous car division, to support its development with its experience and capabilities of Azure cloud computing technology.

A breakthrough in quantum computers. The new chip can control thousands of qubits

The largest technology concerns are fiercely competing for the palm of priority in the commercialization of such machines. Microsoft has just taken a giant leap forward in realizing this beautiful vision. Engineers from Redmond together with scientists from the University of Sydney in Australia have developed a new quantum chip that is capable of controlling thousands of qubits.