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Artificial intelligence discovered new craters on the moon and counted all existing ones

Scientists recently developed an advanced artificial intelligence algorithm to detect new ones and count all craters on the surface of the Silver Globe. It was not an easy task, as the engineers first had to train the system to find and identify craters. It turns out, however, that the results exceeded the expectations of scientists.

The Juno probe will not burn in Jupiter's atmosphere in July. NASA has new and interesting plans

Juno's mission was to end in July. The device was supposed to enter the frighteningly dynamic atmosphere of Jupiter and burn it up. During this event, the probe was to study this mysterious space and provide us with extremely valuable data. Thanks to them, we were to unravel many mysteries related to the functioning of this would-be star.

Elon Musk encourages people to abandon Facebook and take an interest in Signal

Every day Elon Musk is observed on social networking sites by nearly 50 million people. He is one of the most popular people in the technology industry in the world. After Donald Trump's Facebook, Instagram and Twitter profiles were blocked, and rival sites were removed by Google and Amazon, Musk tweeted a short message saying "Use Signal".

Be sure to see this beautiful panorama of the Martian mountains made by the Curiosity rover

The latest panorama was taken at a site named by scientists Glen Torridon. Currently, the Curiosity rover has started the most difficult climb of Mount Sharp in its career. Every now and then, the robot drills into the ground. In this way, scientists want to check if there are any signs that there were any forms of life here.

Atomic bomb explosions in outer space look so strange

The 11 tests took place over the Pacific Ocean in 1962 as part of Operation Fishbowl. The most powerful detonation was 1.4 megatons. These tests were very different from most earlier and later performed by the US military in the Pacific Ocean or the continent.

Microsoft is also going to autonomous cars. The company announces cooperation with Cruise

We have just learned that the autonomous electric car from Apple is not a fiction, but a real project in which the automotive concern Hyundai is involved. So it seems that although the US company was initially not interested in it and refused to even buy Tesla a few years ago, it changed its mind. Now, another technology giant joins the competition in this segment, namely Microsoft, which has just announced a partnership with Cruise, the General Motors autonomous car division, to support its development with its experience and capabilities of Azure cloud computing technology.

A breakthrough in quantum computers. The new chip can control thousands of qubits

The largest technology concerns are fiercely competing for the palm of priority in the commercialization of such machines. Microsoft has just taken a giant leap forward in realizing this beautiful vision. Engineers from Redmond together with scientists from the University of Sydney in Australia have developed a new quantum chip that is capable of controlling thousands of qubits.

Top cyclists caught doping ... this time in a virtual championship

The coronavirus pandemic has moved many aspects of our lives to the virtual world, including physical activity. Of course, we are not talking about cases of playing NBA or FIFA on the console and computer, but the actual professional competition, e.g. in cycling, which is possible thanks to special software and interactive trainers. It turns out, however, that even this form of competition is not free from cheating ... only the form has changed - athletes may not doping, but they can manipulate the equipment, making it easier for themselves to win.